Success Stories

At Astory Media, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing small businesses in Cavan and beyond. Here are a few examples of our successful partnerships:

Client 1 - Boutique

We partnered with a local boutique to develop a captivating brand narrative that truly resonated with their audience. Our storytelling approach helped them stand out in a crowded market, and they saw a significant increase in customer engagement and sales.

Client 2 - Restaurant

We worked with a family-owned restaurant to create a compelling video showcasing their delicious dishes and warm atmosphere. This unique approach to storytelling on social media resulted in a boost in reservations and an increase in their online following.

Client 3 - Insurance Agency

We work with an Insurance Agency offering services nationwide in Ireland. Thanks to our approach they are getting new leads. We hace as well developped their website from scratch and improved Google business - so they can be found easily through selected keywords.

Client 4 - Garage

We worked with multiple car garages, developped brand identity such as logo, website, messaging voice and created pages for social media in some cases, or updated their social media presence in other cases. Thanks to our approach they are getting more visitors to their business location.

Client 5 - Dog Training

We worked closely with K9 Dog training business, helped to created captivating logo and video as per their request. That helped them to connect with their audience and ultimately get new customers to the doors.

Dare To Be Different

Our approach at Astory Media is all about encouraging businesses to dare to be different. We believe in the power of a good story and aim to help brands stand out in the market. We've helped numerous Irish businesses elevate their visibility online, generate leads, fix their websites, improve social media, and create SEO strategies that ultimately helped them rank higher in Google search and Maps.

Ready to Tell Your Story?

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